Automotive AC Repairs: Common Reasons

Generally, automotive ACs are fast, easy, and inexpensive to fix. Most car air conditioning problems are coolant-related and may often be as simple as getting a coolant flush, refill, or fixed leak. The most likely cause of an automotive AC repair on many systems is the compressor too. It is when it will not turn on if the refrigerant is low because the “low pressure safety switch” prevents the compressor clutch from engaging if the pressure is low. This protects the compressor from having possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication.

Most of us don’t give our air conditioning a second thought if it’s making cold air right. However, it is important to inspect the air conditioner occasionally for leaks, as recommended by automotive professionals. Recharging the refrigerant is needed; aside from the main purpose, recharging has another benefit. The automotive AC system tends to gather moisture and become corrosive. That causes leaks in the system, which will lead to more expensive AC repairs when ignored. Recharging your car’s air conditioning system with refrigerant protects the air condition components and keeps the system operating at peak efficiency, so it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. Here comes the number one cause of AC repairs: lack of refrigerant.

With that said, your automotive AC repair is not one of those tasks that technicians recommend fixing at home, unless you’re a qualified mechanic. Most do-it-yourself instructions for AC repairs contain scary phrases, like “it is illegal to release Freon gas into the atmosphere” and “be sure to wear proper hand and eye protection for the procedure.” Plus, there are many different things that could go wrong during automotive AC repairs when you are not fully equipped.

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